*  Summer/Autumn 2018: Vedic meditation courses, consultations vedic astrology, conferences and workshops in The Netherlands, Hungary  and Russia – see Agenda  *

Vedic Consultations

* Consultation Vedic Astrology (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Who you are, what you want to do, where you are standing in your life, and how you think to realize your deepest desires in the coming years, regarding health, relationships, work, children, spirituality and your lifemission. These are just a few popular themes that you may want an answer to. Considering the various astrological approaches Vedic Astrology is considered the more advanced because of its direct connection with the ultimate level of reality. Kush has given countless consultations in the Netherlands and abroad. Everyone leaves his 1½ hours consultation with enthusiasm and contentment. The consultation includes a gemstone-recommendation, a print-out of your Vedic horoscope and a CD-recording of the consultation itself.

If necessary other means can be applied, using certain instruments in order to support a better health, to experience more happiness and to develop both wisdom and inner beauty, In the Netherlands consultation days are regularly held in different places of the country.

NEW! Consult Vedic Astrology from all over the world now also possible with SKYPE/Video.

* Ayurvedic consultation (1 hour 30 minutes)

In principle every disease can be healed less expensively than you think. In this consultation Kush gives you insight into the most important principles of Ayurveda, checks your physical condition and life style & food habits and presents a number of suggestions to bring/keep body and mind in natural balance.

Health is our own responsibility and we can take it in our own hands. Selfhealing is the new formula to create and maintain optimum health in a natural way./p>

* Combined Ayurvedic-Astrological consultation (three hours).

See above.

* Ayurvedic consultation and massage with warm oil (2hours and 30 minutes)

Ayurvedic massage, using warm oil, is one of the most important preventive and therapeutic methods for the treatment of many diseases. The oil is gently massaged into the skin on all parts of the body and deeply penetrates the pores, restoring the body’s natural physiological balance. In addition this massage is pure indulgence. You leave the premises with a youthful and pure feeling. The massage treatment releases fatigue and develops more resistance.

This massage is performed by Zsuzsi Csiszar who is also working at the Blue Star Academy in Loenen, The Netherlands. Zsuzsi is a very experienced Ayurvedic massage therapist, Oneness trainer and Yoga teacher.

* Ayurvedic Purification & Rejuvenation Treatment (Panchakarma)

Narada Kush is associated with the Oriental Healing Center in Budapest, Hungary (www.keletigyogyaszat.eoldal.hu). In this center one can participate in a complete Panchakarma treatment on a very attractive base. In general it is recommended to have an ayurvedic purification & rejuvenation treatment at least once a year. Besides this it has been turned out in the practice of the center that even serious chronic diseases can successfully be treated with this ancient practices. You are able to choice for a complete treatment of 5, 7 or 10 days. Information about fees and stay please contact: naradakush@gmail.com

In order to make a choice with regards to consultations or treatments, to see the costs and to fill in your application form please click on the application form button.

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