*  Summer/Autumn 2018: Vedic meditation courses, consultations vedic astrology, conferences and workshops in The Netherlands, Hungary  and Russia – see Agenda  *


Consultation Days Vedic Astrology/Ayurveda, Summer/Autumn 2018

Location Date Organization Contact
Budapest (HU) June 25 Zsuzsanna Csiszar 020-3549299
Loenen (NL) June 27 Zonnehuis-Surya 06-45052524
Waalre (NL) August 30 Zenschool.nl 06-50215179
Texel, Den Burg September 01 Winkel Binnenlicht 06-16517752
Amsterdam (NL) September 02 Dhana Laxmi Studio 06-41711175
Rotterdam (NL) September 03-04 My Prana-Yoga 06-45052524
Waalre (NL) September 5 Zenschool.nl 06-50215179
Budapest September 28 Bijo Center 070-9493754
Budapest October 04 Zsuzsi Csiszar 020-3549299
Boly (HU) October 13-14 Harmonia Haz Magdi Szeplakine
Boly (HU) November 03-04 Harmonia Haz Magdi Szeplakine

                                                      Oneness Summer Festival, Loenen (NL), August 2017


Workshops/Webinars/Conferences/Meditation Courses, Summer/Autumn 2018

Location/Program   Date      Program/Facilitators      Contact
Moscow, Conf. Vedic Astrology Jun 09-12 Ms Indubala 06-45052524
Ellecom (NL), Bookpresentation Jun 28 Ananda Yoga Center 06-45052524
Loenen (NL), Sri Vasudeva Retreat Jun 29-01 Zonnehuis Blue Star Holland
Heerde (NL), Astroteam Aug 31 Narada Kush 06-45052524
Texel, Den Burg, Binnenlicht Aug 31 Lecture about Meditation Jantje Visser
Budapest, Bijo Center Sep 20-24 Vedic Meditation Course 070-9493754
Boly (HU), Harmonia Haz Oct 11-14 Vedic Meditation Course Magdi Szeplakine
Krishna-Valley Oct 26-28 Yoga & Veda Festival Narada & Zsuzsi
Boly (HU), Harmonia Haz Nov 03-04 Vedic Meditation (final session) Magdi Szeplakine
Russia, ICSA *) Nov 17 Vedic Astrology Webinar, Part I Inna Vlassova
Budapest (HU), Bijo Center Nov 22-26 Vedic Meditation Course 070-9493754
Russia, ICSA Dec 01 Vedic Astrology Webinar, Part II Inna Vlassova
Russia, ICSA Dec 15 Vedic Astr. Webinar, Part III Inna Vlassova


*) ICSA = Institute for Consulting and Social Analysis in Russia


                     TV-interview with Narada Kush in Bucharest, Romania; March 2014

SEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQdeQwOUE4A




TV interview with Hindustani Art TV, April 2015



Narada’s book ‘The Veda’s for Everyone” has been published in Hungarian language in June 2014

                Promotion of ‘The Veda’s for Everyone’ at the Book Festival in Budapest, June 2014

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