*  Summer 2018: Vedic meditation courses, consultations vedic astrology, conferences and workshops in The Netherlands, Hungary  and Russia – see Agenda  *

                  Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Meditation



  • The Vedic hymns are divine revelations which have been cognized without the intervention of the human intellect
  • They have been ‘heard’ from within by the ancient seers who were in contact with the higher dimensions
  • The Vedas contain all wisdom about existence, creation and the evolution of man
  • They are set up and systematized in such a way that they give their own comment

Narada Kush

Narada Kush studied for many years the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and teaches its practical applications to inspire us to follow our own, unique (inner) Path. His tools are Vedic Studies, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Meditation, Deeksha, Satsang and Distance Education.

Narada Kush co-operates with Dutch University College and is connected with different organizations, institutes or centers in The Netherlands, in Hungary and other countries (see below). Please contact Narada for any further information or application.

New Vedic publication coming:

Narada has published a number of books about Vedic wisdom (See Publications page). In June 2018 his latest book has been published: VEDIC LIFE – Lifestyle, Prevention and Selfhealing.

The Netherlands

Name Institute / Organization  Link
Blue Star Holland www.bluestarholland.nl
Blue Star Academy www.bluestaracademie.nl
Ayurveda Centrum Bela, Eindhoven ayurvedischcentrumeindhoven.nl
Saraswati Art Publishers, Amsterdam www.indiaseboeken.nl
Ananda Yoga Centrum, Ellecom www.anandayogacentrum.nl
Dhana Laxmi, Chittra Rijs, Amsterdam www.dhanalaxmi.nl
TDM Diepte Meditatie Centrum, Lelystad www.diepte-meditatiecursus.nl
Zenschool Waalre, Yvonne Voets www.zenschool.nl


Name Institute / Organization  Link
Blue Star International, Trinidad & Tobago www.blue-star.org
Krishna-valley, Somogyvamos, Hungary www.krisnavolgy.hu
Dutch University College, Le Truel, France  www.dutchuniversitycollege.nl
Ayurveda Medical Foundation, Hungary www.ayurveda.hu
Oriëntal Ayurvedic Center, Hungary www.droberkampmaria.freeweb.hu
Oneness University, Sri Ammabhagawan, India www.onenessuniversity.org
Kala Ashram, Udaipur, India www.kalaashramayurveda.org


Application for a (skype) consultation, training, workshop, lecture or presentation is possible through email or application form


Narada Muni



                                   Narada Kush   The Netherlands/Hungary   Phone  (++31)-6-45052524

www.naradakush.nl    www.bluestaracademie.nl    naradakush@gmail.com



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